EdTheory, LLC – Your Therapy and Education service provider is headquartered in Pleasanton, California and was founded by a trained Physical Therapist with strong roots in US Special Education and Therapy Recruitment field for over a decade. Our business model and company culture are reflected in our mission statement “Transforming lives and the communities we serve, locally and globally.

EdTheory was founded with the objective of providing contract therapy and teaching services to schools. We understand the value of the right resource for our school clients, and there is a right person for every job and the best fit for the client’s unique culture. With our industry expertise in special education and deep understanding of our exceptional clients, aggressive promotion of our job opportunities, careful assessment of our candidates and with constant support to our employees and customers, our task is to infuse the perfect blend that would bring about the best outcome from our services.


Looking for education and therapy jobs in California, with competitive salary and comprehensive benefits? You have come to the right place! We offer permanent, temporary, travel and gap-fill positions for a variety of specialties. Come join us and build your career to the next level.



Looking for top quality educational and therapy professionals? Connect with us! Our Recruitment team is fully equipped to understand your requirements and deliver candidates with the right skills, passion, attitudeand commitment.

For information, please write to info@edtheory.com