EdTheory is always looking to partner with State and Independent private colleges & Universities. Partnership with us gives your students the direct access to our career counselors, clinical support and mentoring team and to our career specialists who can match the right job for your graduate student.

Our ENGAGE OPT initiative will help to connect with your foreign educated F1-OPT students and discuss key topics related to Immigration, work visas and green card sponsorship ( different stages and timelines).

Why EdTheory?

We can come to your University and present the below great topics of interest with your students

  • Resume building and Social media profiling (e.g.: LinkedIn)
  • Professional Licensing and Credentialing process
  • Assistance with Professional group membership registration.
  • Clinical support and mentoring program
  • Student Loan Repayment program
  • Schools versus Medical settings (pros and cons)
  • Internship and Volunteer opportunities
  • Immigration related topics specifically for OPT international students

EdTheory’s University Internship/ Volunteer opportunities abroad

We are amid launching our first CSR program “Project HOPE” in one of the underserved community in New Delhi, India. We couldn’t do this without the support and partnership with TejasAsia, an accredited NGO based in India (www.tejasasia.org).
Project HOPE is a rural Community based program special education and related services program (how it all began. CLICK HERE to hear the full story).

We welcome students to experience international development first-hand by enrolling in our internship or volunteering special education and therapy projects in India. Our commitment to youth is to engage them in global development and social issues education so that they take action to make a difference.

We partner with Universities to create an unforgettable internship and volunteer experience for people who want to help in many of our children and community projects. Participants build leadership skills and cultivate new friendships as they discover an incredible foreign culture – India’s cultural history being more than 4000 years’ old.

The heart of our university internship and short term volunteer programs is to create opportunities for students to come together for a unique experience, to work towards the betterment of under-privileged children and youth in the many socio-economically backward communities. We believe that the experience of living and working with people from different cultural backgrounds creates understanding, respect and contribute towards a peaceful and tolerant world. With a long range of possibilities for you to make an impact, you will work in close contact with locals and get valuable experience and skills.

Come and be part of this mission, helping people to self-reliant activities. We are better together!